Klein nieuws, maar toch interessant: Westwood heeft half per ongeluk laten weten dat C&C Renegade niet het enige spel is dat ze gaan laten zien op E3. Precieze details zijn nog niet bekend:Westwood's being rather coy about its E3 plans, but it did drop a few hints to WRE about what you'll see at this year's show. Chris Rubyor, Westwood's PR whiz, tells us that Command & Conquer: Renegade won't be the only title on display. Westwood will be rolling out two new products at this year's show. One he steadfastly refused to discuss (damn him!). The other, though, he describes as a "new product line, a new franchise" for the company. Last year's "new product line" was the well-received Nox. One note: Neither of the two unannounced games is the Unreal-fueled Clive Barker's Undying. That game is being made under the Electronic Arts name. Zo iedereen naar E3 gaan >