De SWAT 3 patch die een tijdje geleden onofficieel uitgebracht werd en nog niet af was bleek ook niet te werken. Toch kan je hem wel aan de praat krijgen door het volgende te doen:1) normally install the patch, i know it won't work, but it creates an /updates directory in the game, and it can be required (i don't know and i don't care, but that's it) 2) unzip the swatdata1.res (use folder names should be checked in WinZip) in a "swatdata1.res" directory in Swat3 main and delete the original. You know how to do it... 3) run again the patch installer and install it in a temporary directory, such as c:temp. 4) go in that temporary directory, then copy the "swat3.icd" and the "swat3.exe" and the other files you find there in your main swat directory. You will be prompted to finally overwrite the existing swat3.icd and swat3.exe. DO IT!. 5) copy the contents of the "updates" directory you have in your temporary directory in your .../swat3/swatdata1.res/s/swatdata/data/global directory. Again You will be prompted to finally overwrite the existing swat3.icd and swat3.exe. DO IT!. 6) Run the Game and ENJOY!!! [break]Het gaat alleen niet helemaal goed volgens een aantal mensen van het SWAT 3 forum:[/break] 1) I can't have officiers throwing CS anymore 2) It seems they have more trouble in movement in narrow spaces [break]De goede dingen:[/break] 1) it's worth installing it, the game is just better. Officiers now stay in position and don't wander through the locations without reason. 2) they don't arrest any suspect/hostage unless you command that or set the "stealth" mode. 3) they tend not obeying to "move" orders when threat are in sight: they just cover, and that's good. 4) they cover each one other way better (an officier comes covering another one when under fire / when all officiers are used as a single team 2 of them move and 2 cover properly). 5) officiers respond to fire more quickly also against terrorist that were not in sight (no shooting in back, eureka!!)Gebruik de patch op eigen risico! Afwachten op de officiele patch lijkt mij beter. (Bedankt Amar voor de tip.)