Na de 16e Tombraider, de 82e FPS en de 300e RTS vraag je je af: " is er dan niks meer origineel". Het ene concept wordt nog harder uitgekauwd als het andere. Bij Damage Gaming vroegen ze zich af wat ontwikkelaars voor originele ideeen hebben. Ken Hoekstra (ravensoft), Lee Perry (Ion Storm) en anderen vertellen hun visie.

Ritual's Levelord really must have liked the question we popped him (or he forgot he already answered, right Levelord? ) and gave us his 'serious' approach to the question: "I am still waiting for a game that puts the player in New York City, and I mean a fully-detailed New York City with every nook and nuance included. I want to make a game based on the movie "Warriors" in which you have to make your way through New York battling gangs, each of which has its own forte and specialty." Now, maybe if he combined his two ideas, we would have a huge hit. Heb jij betere ideeen dan deze?