Het is weer weekend, dus is er weer nieuws van het Halo-front. Deze week weinig spannende ontwikkelingen, maar er is toch weer wat vooruitgang geweest. - Chucky has made great strides toward getting breakable surfaces in the


- Aiming works better; you can no longer target enemies hiding behind objects, but you can target enemies in moving vehicles.

- There's a snazzy new muzzle flash for the pistol and new ammo casings for pistol rounds. If you were to look at the back of a pistol casing in midair, you'd be able to read the words on the back of it, and see that

the firing pin hits slightly off-center.

- AI characters now have a chance of firing their weapon during a death


- The Covenant Elite only seek cover if you do, making them, in Rick's

words, "more Terminator-esque."

- Did some more work on the model and environment shaders.

- Chucky took on a horde of grunts with a pistol and tried to get rid of

them all with headshots. He lost.

- Mat is modifying the editor to be of greater use to the Sin-O-MatiXXX


- Speaking of which, there's a new member of the Sin-O-MatiXXX team: Adam

Crockett. He's currently modeling the exterior of the Pillar of Autumn.

The team is also currently working on bringing Cortana to life.

Nou maar afwachten en hopen dat ze gauw een speelbare demo gaan uitbrengen...