Onze eigen preview beantwoord al een hoop vragen, maar FGNonline wilde toch nog weten wat Gunman nu toevoegt aan het Half-Life universum. Vandaar een kort interview met Herb Flower.Originally a TC in development at ReWolf Software, the decision was recently made to upgrade to TC to a full commercial product. So with this in mind, what will it add to the universe that Half-Life and Opposing Force didn't? Flower told us, "Gunman Chronicles has, of course, all the great features that made Half-Life so enjoyable, and we've added quite a few new features. You will be able to steal a tank, form alliances, and customize weapons to fit the situation at hand. Players will also have to survive in many different and challenging environments.Klinkt allemaal veelbelovend, maar eerst zien en dan geloven