Op de planet site van Soldier of Fortune staat een top 10 van dingen die je met de doos van SoF kan doen. Je betaalt er tenslotte niet voor niets voor (daarvoor zijn we nou eenmaal Nederlanders). Nuttig niet, maar leuk wel10. Get a high (green) and low (red) violence box, and make your own traffic light.

9. Throw it at anyone who dares enter the room and disturb you as you play.

8. Construct a temple to SoF. (If you do this, make sure you mail us a picture of it)

7. Live in the box.

6. Use the box as a contraceptive. (Warning: It won't work!!!)

5. Scan the full violence box, and email it to a friend in Middle Europe, and watch 'em drool.. (Poor guys only get that low violence version)

4. Study the box, memorize the writing.

3. Use them to cover your privates and take cool pictures and enter a contest.... Oh wait, PlanetQuake did that.

2. Stop fiddling with the !#$(&ing box and play the game.

And the #1 use for the box SoF came in...

1. Collect 50,000 boxtops and win your own *living* Soldier of Fortune! *

* Offer null and void in any place on Earth where there are established morals, laws, and society.