Vandaag heeft Microsoft op de CES de X-Box officieel getoond aan de gamecommunity. Ook waren er speaches te beluisteren van Bill Gates en Robbie Bach (vice president Microsoft).

Bill Gates:

"Xbox is the future of video gaming. With its breakthrough technology and incredible graphics capabilities, Xbox will set the standard in gaming for years to come. It enables game designers to create a whole new world of gameplaying experiences that will captivate the imagination and competitive spirit of gamers like no other console."

Robbie Bach:

"Xbox is on track for an awesome launch in fall 2001. With more than 200 game companies around the world creating Xbox games for launch and beyond, the unveiling of the Xbox design is just the start of great things to come." Verder meldde VoodooExtreme ook dat ze misschien vandaag een interview hebben met de man himself: Bill Gates.