Misschien een inkopper, maar wat maakt een FPS nou speciaal, zodat hij zich onderscheid van alle andere games in het genre. Frank zou zeggen sfeer, maar er komt meer bij kijken, zoals de guns waar je mee mag spelen What makes a good 3D FPS (first-person shooter) great? I'm talking about the crhme de la crhme, the serious gourmet sh*t that you play because you wanna taste it, not that hastily thrown together garbage the industry regurgitates now and again. I mean the games that live on in your memories. Games like Half-Life, Heretic and Hexen. Or maybe Soldier of Fortune, System Shock and the

as-yet-unfinished Serious Sam. Or perhaps Dark Forces, Doom, Duke Nukem and Daikatana... er... Sorry about that, the alliteration got away from me there. What I'm asking, fundamentally, is what makes a great shooter?

The answer is, of course: everything. Level design,

graphics, monsters, story, interface, pacing, scripting,

etc. -- they all play their roles in creating a believable and fun shoot-'em-up experience for the adrenaline junkies out there. I'm not going to talk about all those other crucial aspects today, not this week anyway; instead I'm talking about what should be the second amendment of the FPS Constitution (if such a thing existed). I'm talking about the inalienable right to bear arms that don't suck. Elke FPS heeft wapens en tegenstanders, maar wat maakt het dat de ene FPS "coole" wapens heeft en de andere FPS niet. Waarschijlijk het geheim van de kok