Het is al vaker behandeld, de leereffecten van gamen. Nu was het de beurt aan Gamingnews. Ze namen CS als voorbeeld voor de vaardigheden die je in een game leert en in real life kan toepassen.

Yep, schiet nog maar een hostage neer, het is goed voor je ontwikkeling Communication and team work are skills that sit hand and hand because with out one you don't have the other. To work as a team you need to communicate to your team

mates to tell them what you plan is, or what you fell the team should do. Their for by playing CS you have just learnt how to interact with other people on a very basic level. Also your spelling and typing skills are also benefited by playing CS, the faster and clearer you can communicate the faster you can get back to killing and not being killed.

Hand eye coordination is enhanced every time you use your mouse to aim and shoot at someone. Other skills that factor in to this equation is sound and depth perception to know where your enemy is by just hearing the sound of his feet or a gun shot. The more you play the more your body will learn and instinctively react to situations faster and smother allowing your brain to use its main force to tweak some seriousfraging strategies.Binnenkort bij de therapeut: CS en Relatie problemen