Gamesutra heeft een uitgebreid artikel geschreven over wat er mis ging met het 2D puzzelspel Sheep van Minds Eye. Het artikel gaat in over de (weinige) goede punten van het spel en over de slechte punten van het spel. Je kan lezen over hoe ze de presentaties voor de E3 en ESTC maakten (eigenlijk hackten), hoe het management met de ontwikkelaars omging en wat voor invloed de uitgever in het spel had.

I do not know what went on in any of the meetings with our publisher, as I was not invited to them. Martin, as executive producer and company director, did all the negotiating. We do not know if they ever said, "Nice concept doc, but show us the real one now," or whether they were stupid enough to accept this document and leave us to it without further guidance. We did not know what was meant to be in a real game design document, and they never told us.

Every thing, piece, and place in the game has a purpose and has rules for its engagement. Under specific circumstances, these rules may be altered, but only in set, prescribed, and controllable ways. These rules cannot change from level to level. There are prescribed ways of moving from level to level. There is an endgame.Problemen, roddels en erg veel nuttige lessen voor gameontwikkelsaars in Gamesutra's Postmortem: Minds Eye's Sheep.