Alle Shogun fans kunnen zich weer in de handjes wrijven. Warrior Kings zal gaan waar Shogun eerder gegaan is. Een massale 3d RTS vol met ridders en andere zwaard dragende mannekes.The game will feature five different resources vital for

your army. All resources will be equally important, but

the main resource will be - food. Everyone knows that a

hungry soldier is not much of a soldier; hence, all troops will have an additional characteristic - hunger - showing if they are well fed or not. If your troops get hungry, you will face rebellions, theft, betrayal, and desertion. As you can see, the provisions will strategically be very important. This is why the game will feature several buildings meant for creating and delivering food like cornfields, mills, bakeries, and delivery caravans. Of course, you'll also have to arm your troops in order to make them fight. This is what the next two resources are good for - iron and gold. The gold will be there to lure men into your forces, and iron will be used to forge buildings, swords, crossbows, spears, and guns for harquebus -warriors. The last two resources are wood and stone, and they are used for building structures (Isn't this the same type of resources as in AoE -Ed).

You won't use resources only to build your troops; you

will also have to use them in order to maintain your

troops in functional condition. The soldiers have to eat before the battle, and this introduces a great new strategic element - supply trains. These well-defended wooden cars were used as a means of transport before men invented plains and choppers. If a troop gets cut off of its supplies, it gets completely demoralized.

Warrior Kings, Shogun alleen dan zonder Japanners