Dacht je de storm van 3d RTS titels achter de rug te hebben dan heb je het mooi mis. Sierra kan er geen genoeg van krijgen en maakt samen met Black Cactus een 3d RTS die plaats zal vinden in een middeleeuwse fantasy wereld. Ik vond het wel wat weg hebben van Shogun.Warrior Kings

Black Cactus and Sierra hope to storm the castle with their next entry in the world of 3D RTSs.

If you've been paying much attention to the gaming world lately, you've probably noticed that the trend of moving real time strategy games over from 2D to 3D has reached full swing. There have been a bunch of the games released this year already with titles such as Dark Reign 2, Ground Control, Dogs of War, Earth 2150, and so on. What you haven't seen a whole lot of at this point are the 3D RTS games in fantasy and medieval settings like there have been so many of in the 2D world like Warcraft, Warlords: Battlecry, and Total Annihilation: Kingdoms to name a few. Well Black Cactus and Sierra are hoping to change all of this when they bring their newest, Warrior Kings, to the table next year.

Warrior Kings takes place in a medieval fantasy world of magic and mayhem. Players will take control of a new kingdom that has been created from the rubble of a once dominant realm. As the new leader, it will fall on players shoulders to go forth and unite the fragmented kingdoms under one flag and one purpose and become the ultimate warrior king. In order to complete this rather large task, you will need to first attend to business at home and get your own territory settled and defended.

You've got cities and castles to build and an economy to foster before you can just run around claiming this land and that land as yours you know. If you don't have an army behind you, you aren't going to look so impressive. And in order to have an army, you have to be able to feed them and fund them. That means mining materials to make weapons and growing food to feed your troops, peasants, and animals. If you don't have these things, you're going to be in a world of trouble, as your troops will get weaker.

Hoe bedoel je het genre is verzadigd, er is altijd plek voor een extra titel....toch ?