InsideMacGames heeft een interview met de maker van Deus Ex, Warren Spector. Het interview gaat over -je raadt het al- over Deus Ex en de Mac versie.IMG: First, could you give a little of your background? Do you have any previous experience with Apple? WS: The bulk of my Apple experience came back in the Apple II days. I wrote a bunch of papergame stuff on a IIc and got my first taste of Ultimas and other early computer games on the Apple. My first experience with the Mac came at ORIGIN. We weren't developing for the Mac but we used it for project management, documentation generation and so on. Since then, my experience has been limited to contracting with Mark Adams to do a Mac port of System Shock and, more recently, with Westlake Interactive to do the Deus Ex port. Natuurlijk is Deus Ex ook op besproken door onze eigen Erik.