Warren Spector, de man die verantwoordelijk was voor de games Deus Ex en SystemShock had een interview met Joystick101 over gaming in het algemeen. 'De toekomst van online gaming' tot en met de 'opleidingen tot gamesdeveloper' komen stuk voor stuk aan bod.

Ook de invloed die MOD-makers op de gamesindustrie hebben komt nog even ter sprake:JS101.org: Given that mods and the Internet are providing amateurs unprecedented opportunities to practice game design (and I know you've been hiring mod developers), do you see the mod community as challenging the need for formalized game-design institutions? What is gained and what is lost in bringing in mod developers?

WS: Right this minute, the mods developers have a leg up on a lot of other candidates simply because they can show potential employers something tangible, which lowers the employer's risk dramatically. In some cases, the mods folks come in already familiar with the very tools they'll be using on the job. Beyond that, willingness to commit personal time to developing maps and missions shows a committment to game development that's hard to argue with. Does that mean the very idea of a game-design institution is flawed? Of course not. All it means is the institutions are just getting started and there either aren't enough graduates yet to have much impact on our hiring practices or the institutions aren't teaching the right things or both. ...De antwoorden zijn misschien wat lang, maar zijn absoluut de moeite waard om te lezen op Joystick101