Afgelopen week was de LANparty. Het was er zo stil als een muis, iedereen had namelijk een headset bij zich. Vooral de Gamevoice van Microsoft zat strak om ieders oren. Microsoft is natuurlijk niet de enige die oorwarmers in elkaar zet. Avault zette de Game Commander 2 op en had het zeker niet koud .Conclusion

Overall: For about $40 retail you get a nice microphone and some great software that does a solid job of voice activated command execution. The technology licensed from Dragon Systems is top notch, and the interface, while sparse and somewhat inconsistent, is extremely fast and effective. Performance is outstanding for a voice recognition product, particularly given the complex, resource hogging nature of the games on the market today. It handled big guns like Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament with aplomb. The package is not tied to specific hardware or specific chat software, so there are really no limitations or interferences to worry about.

About the only thing keeping this product from being perfect is the software interface.Review van deze warme cyber-oorwarmers.