Voor al onze Warhammer fans komt er nu een online spel, waarvan het de bedoeling is het spel zo nauwkeurig mogelijk na te maken.Games Workshop, the world's largest hobby Wargames Company, and Climax, one of the largest independent UK computer game developers have agreed to form a Joint Venture. The new company will work on a number of interactive computer and video games for delivery over a variety of different formats. Situated close to the Games Workshop International HQ in Nottingham, it will be run by a joint management team of notable staff from both Climax and GW. The key focus of the company will initially be 'Warhammer On-line', which will take the worlds most successful fantasy battle gaming system to the Internet as a massively multiplayer ongoing strategy game. Warhammer On-line will allow gamers to play Warhammer using their personalised armies against opponents from anywhere in the world. It will allow for many different styles of game, with the persistent theme of the Warhammer world and timeline forming the basis of all battles.Begint dit nou echt zo'n trend te worden? Na Everquest, Star Wars, en Anarchy Online en nog een aantal anderen beginnen er wel heel veel online based spellen uit te komen.