Jedi_Geub las op het forum van dat Markek Spanêl, producer & designer van Bohemia Interactive Studios, met het bericht komt dat de ISO die in de warez scene in omloop is, niet de final versie is. Het zou gaan om een preview versie die niet representatief is voor het uiteindelijke produkt.Please buy our game!

Hello, this is Marek Spanêl from BI Studios.

A few days before, a ripped version (as an iso-file) of our game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis appeared on the net. THIS VERSION DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL PRODUCT!!

It´s a preview version, and we don´t know who managed to get and to rip it, but we received several mails of people (not under their real name, of course) who downloaded this iso file and complained about the bad qualitiy, i.e. of the translation and so on. Again, this version is not finished, and we strongly recommend that you people who downloaded it buy it in the end. It´s a shame what these people do to us game programmers. We invested years of our life in this game, not to see some guys receive it for free and talk bad about it, just because they got the wrong version!

So if you think the demo was cool, buy the game!

Sincerely yours,

Markek Spanêl,


Bohemia Interactive Studios Warez maken meer kapot dan je lief is. Vooral als je de eerste zin leest "Please buy our game!" krijg je toch een brok in je keel.