De Jongens van GameFan hebben na een bezoek aan Blizzard een preview versie van WarCraft III meegekregen.What do you get when Team GameFan visits one of the biggest and most respected game development houses on the planet? Well, besides getting away from the dungeon we like to call 'the office,' we get to meet the people who make some of the hottest games around. I was privileged enough to visit Blizzard Entertainment today, to preview WarCraft III and Diablo II, and I must say it was well worth the trip. WarCraft III's a definite departure from your traditional real-time strategy game, with strong role-playing elements, and I believe it's a game that will pleasantly surprise quite a lot of people. Een leuk detail wat er in staat: Een javacript achtige taal waarmee je total-conversions kan maken! Lees het hier!