Laatst al een Warcraft III update op Gamespot nu heeft men weer een 5 pagina tellende preview gemaakt.

Het is al weer de zoveelste preview en de release datum is nog zo ver weg, het wordt tijd voor een demo

Among the most anticipated games of next year is Blizzard Entertainment's third game in its Warcraft series. One of the most popular real-time strategy franchises ever, and one of the originators of the entire genre, is Warcraft II. People still remember this game fondly, and despite the disappointing news that the sequel, Warcraft III, has been pushed back to late 2001, the gaming community is still eagerly awaiting this next game. Since the announcement at E3 that the game would be delayed, there has been scant news on the upcoming role-playing strategy game, which takes the conventions of normal real-time strategy, emphasizes combat over resource management, and adds a slew of role-playing elements.

Aside from learning that the dwarven mortar team's special ability is to self-destruct and destroy everything in a nearby radius in a mini nuclear blast, we didn't see much that was new about the existing

regular human units. We did learn a lot about the human heroes, however:

Archmage: We saw two archmages, one named Tenn Flamecaster and another named Andromath. They have a decent attack, which is currently well matched against a standard melee unit's attack but is nowhere near as strong as a pure melee hero, such as a mountain king or orc warlord. The archmage's spells include a fireball, a

blizzard, and mass teleportation. The spell effects are nice, especially for the mass-teleport spell. The spells increase in power as you apply points to them.

Warcraft III nog maar een klein jaartje...