Warcraft 3 lijkt wel eeuwen in ontwikkeling. Sommigen hebben al een baard van het wachten op dit spel en er werd ook verontwaardigd gereageerd toen bekend werd dat het spel wederom uitgesteld was en pas rond zomer 2001 uitkomt. Gaming Unlimited had een interview met Bill Roper van Blizzard en vroeg hem het hemd van zijn lijf.GU: How do you expect to balance each race? In Starcraft you had only 3 races, and those seemingly took forever to balance?

Bill Roper: Well I think that gives us a big leg-up. We seem to know some of the issues involved with balancing multiple races. I think it gives us a good starting point. It's something we've been thinking of since day 1 with the design process. I really think we're going to be able to represent each race differently. It's going to be a lot of work and we realize that. I expect it to be a huge, coordinated, all-company effort where we have big play days with all 200 people in the company up on the test servers trying to find the cheesiest tactics so we can address them. Het interview is hier te vinden.