De laatste tijd druppelden er wat screenshots en info binnen over Warcraft III. Gamespot heeft nu alles bij elkaar gegooid, inclusief NIEUWE screenshots en interviews met een aantal mensen, waaronder de "lead designer".GameSpot: Let's start with recent news and speak about Mike O'Brien. Why did he stop being the project lead for Warcraft III? Rob Pardo: Well, it happened a few weeks ago. [Mike's efforts] were more concentrated on the technology of the game, so [moving from project lead to technical lead] was just an opportunity for him to step down and do more technology-based work and leave the game design more to the team. It made more sense for him to concentrate on technology than it did for him to be a team lead any longer. [Editor's Note: O'Brien subsequently left on good terms from Blizzard this week to form a new game company.] Welke richting Warcraft III nu op gaat kan je hier lezen.