Het nieuwtje op de ECTS dit jaar was natuurlijk wel de bekendmaking van Warcraft 3 (vooral heel onverwacht ;-)

Vooral de moeite waard van het bekijken is de officiele Warcraft 3 site met bijbehorende FAQ. Where does the story pick-up in Warcraft III -- after Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal or Warcraft Adventures? Warcraft III uses elements and characters that were present in the Warcraft Adventures storyline. Players will get the opportunity to interact with Thrall, the new Warchief of the Horde. Warcraft III will evolve the storyline far beyond what would have been the end of Warcraft Adventures. How many races will Warcraft III offer? Warcraft III will have six races. Like Warcraft 2, each 'race' is actually an alliance of other races. For example, the Human race is composed of Human, Elf, and Dwarf units. Currently, we have announced three of the races: Orcs, Humans and Demons. Each race will be inherently different and require different strategies to master. How many resources will be in the game? The only true resource will be gold, representing the overall wealth of the community. Players can acquire gold by exploiting natural resource nodes, conquering monsters in the game or setting up new sources of income. How will towns operate in Warcraft III?

Towns in Warcraft III work differently than in previous Warcraft games. Each player has a hometown called a Keep. These Keeps are small pods of buildings that players use to recruit units and Heroes. If a player's Keep is destroyed, then that player loses the game. Towns, on the other hand, are very similar to what you would expect in a role-playing game. They exist in the world prior to the start of the game, and are inhabited by neutral townspeople that may sell you items, upgrades and special units. Players will find that access to towns will influence the result of the game, and will try to occupy and control them. If buildings in a Town are destroyed, the denizens of that Town will rebuild them over time.