Na Gamefan was het de beurt aan GameLinks om Blizzards nieuwste (waarschijnlijk) toptitel te mogen bewonderen!Let's get down to the nitty gritty of the game play you should expect to find in Warcraft 3. The game will try to incorporate more realistic scenarios as well as more likely events to happen when you are traveling with a party of warriors through the woods. For example, you are likely to encounter many neutral units along your quest as well as townsfolk that will inhabit villages that you pass by. This of-course will mean that like in many RPG's you will now have scripted events and conversations. Along the lines of enriching the Warcraft experience, Blizzard has decided to put in weather effects such as snow and rain which should add an interesting flavor to the game. The game play will also focus on the existence of heroes. About 6 heroes on each side to be exact. These heroes will be used as your leaders and will most of the time be leading parties of warriors and explorers as well as recruiting new members to join your cause. These heroes will also advance in skill and experience level as the game goes on. Each time a hero advances a skill they will gain in strength with hit points and have the ability to choose a special new skill or ability. Each player will start with a so-called "keep" (a sort of base) from which new units are recruited. If this keep is destroyed the game is lost. This however is not the extent of locations that you will be visiting as in usual RTS games in which two bases are the only blips on the map. You will be able to visit and pass through other towns littered with Non-Player Characters (NPC's).Deze game zou ik ook wel willen previewen