Firing squad heeft een preview geschreven van Warcraft 3. Deze is hier te vinden. Een groot verschil met voorgaande RTS delen van Blizzard is dat er ook heroes in de multiplayer voor zullen komen. Deze zullen een belangrijke rol gaan vervullen. De interface en gameplay zullen verder wel heel anders zijn als Starcraft en Warcraft 2, welke erg op elkaar leken wat dat betreft.Macro vs Micro Despite Blizzard including so many spells and special abilities in Starcraft, the fact remained that players who used most of their time collecting resources, spending them, and hurling troops into battle tended to win out over players who carefully managed their troops in battle, with positioning and casting spells. This is what is known in the Starcraft community as macromanagement vs. micromanagement. The micromanager might win the first battle, but in the time he/she spent in the tactical mode, the other person has built up another wave of troops that are ready to fight. By the time the first battle is done, the macromanager is already sending a second army in, while the micromanager hasn't had time to build up a new army. The micromanager's first army, already weary and damaged from the first battle, becomes easy pickings for the macromanager's second wave of fresh troops. Continued pressure, no matter how mindless, would eventually break down a micromanager's defenses. You can see the short term/long term consequences: Starcraft was less about being a field commander, and more about being a great resource manager and controlling the map. De screenshots zijn in ieder geval om te smullen