Onderhand is er elke dag wel iets over Warcraft 3, behalve de game zelf. Ditje dat en zusje zo . Dit keer was CdMag de gelukkige om een preview te maken. Vooral dat veteran units wapens hebben die glinsteren maakt het wel aardig. Staat er na een paar uur spelen een complete licht brigade bij je basis

"Orcs, Humans, Undead, Demons and one that is, as yet, unannounced" Gisteren werd bekend dat het 5e ras de Nacht Elven zijn.Finally, about that Blizzard magic. Pardo talks about how the developers play their games over and over at their offices, spending weeks and weeks after the game is essentially finished, trying to tweak and polish it. Perhaps therein lies the answer to where the Blizzard magic comes from, a magic that would be out of place in an expensive high-rise penthouse office filled with the latest cool stuff. Great games require great effort, everything at Blizzard seems to say. Here's how we create the magic. We just sit down every day and work hard—or at least we make it look that way.

Warcraft III, Humans vs. Orcs, plus nog 3 rassen.