Op de blizzard site (met nieuwe layout) kan je nu een FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) vinden over (vooral) Warcraft 3 en Diablo 2:Why does Blizzard Miss Release Dates? Blizzard sets "release windows" to let people know when we expect a game to be finished. However, our goal at Blizzard is to not release a game until it's ready. While we could release a lower quality product to meet a specific date, we instead choose to work on a game until it meets the high standards that we know Blizzard fans and our development teams demand. When you see release windows coming from Blizzard, keep in mind they will be updated as time goes on -- at first being very vague and becoming more specific as the game nears completion. When you see release dates from other sources, keep in mind that those are simply guesses as to when we will be finished and are also in no way a concrete release date. We encourage you to check the official Blizzard.com website for updates regarding release dates. (...)Will there be a Mac Version for Warcraft III? Blizzard Entertainment can neither confirm nor deny any products that have not been officially announced. But in the past, every game we've made for the PC we've made for the Mac. I will have more product announcements in the year to come. This does not constitute a product announcement. When we make a product announcement, you will know. Hier is deze FAQ te vinden.