Je hoort iedereen altijd klagen over de Star Trek games dat ze zo matig zijn. 3dActionplanet was benieuwd waarom.

Misschien omdat de TV sfeer niet overgebracht kan worden naar de game versieThe final frontier.

These are the voyages of the Star Trek license. To boldly sell like no other games have sold before. In the past decade, the easily recognizable Star Trek name has taken gamers to the edges of the known universe. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best trip they had been on.

The Star Trek series has a rabid fan base around the world. Many Trekkies have collected all of the television series memorabilia. But why have the computer games based on the license not sold well?

Years ago, Star Trek was a 2D adventure game which involved flying spaceships and fighting

It seems that no matter what game developers do, the

games just don't seem to sell well at all. New engines,

killer graphics, real Star Trek actors have not helped to make the games more appealing. This is a strange

phenomenon, which could be explained in a number of


First, Star Trek games do not have a huge fan base. There are a number of fans of Star Trek who actually have the ability to play these games at home but either they don't have a fast enough PC to run the newer Star Trek titles, or simply the games were not made to appeal to them. A "trekkie" does not immediately mean a "gamer."

The second reason is that, arguably, the majority of people who buy computer games tend to be in their teens and slightly above, but Star Trek itself appears to be dated. The original television series starring William Shatner were the most popular of the series, but the newer ones have a smaller audience and therefore less people.

Another major factor, which could have made sales drop, is the ideas behind the games. Star Trek in its format is unsuitable to a game because of its lack of real action (a shoot-em-up version of Star Trek with Captain Kirk running around wildly with a gun mowing down enemies is an unimaginable and even slightly humorous sight).

Nee, het valt niet mee om Star Trek games te ontwikkelen en/of te spelen