Dachten fans van de Unreal serie dat ze deze zomer weer op Skaarj jacht konden, nu blijkt dat het spel pas tijdens in de koude wintermaanden zal verschijnen. De reden van deze vertraging werd uitgelegd door Mark Rein van Epic Games.

Volgens het forumtopic op VoodooExtreme is de vertraging niet vanwege tegenvallers, maar juist dankzij recente vorderingen in de Unreal engine, die de komende maanden verder worden uitgewerkt.We spent Wednesday and Thursday of this week reviewing both games and came to the conclusion, along with Infogrames and the developers, that the games will be ready in this order and for these timeframes. Unreal2 is going to take a little longer than previously expected but it is even better than we originally thought it would be and the extra time is 100% justified. UT2, on the other hand, is ahead of where we thought it would be and, as with Unreal2, better than our expectations.

So now both games are marching toward completion and looking absolutely spectacular! We're extremely proud of the work Legend and Digital Extremes are doing on them. Both of the companies are producing games that are way beyond being just worthy successors to the original. They have both been able to do astounding things with our Unreal Engine technology that are going to push the envelope of action gaming in serious ways. Can you tell that I'm extremely excited right now? This is going to be a banner year for PC gaming! :)Het volledige bericht is op het forum van VoodooExtreme te lezen.