Stomped had een exlusief interview met Ken Hoekstra. Er werden allerlei zaken besproken, ook de vraag waarom ST: Elite Force zo kort is.Stomped: Although the reviews for Elite Force have been mostly positive, many reviewers have mentioned that the single player portion of the game was short, with some saying it was too short. How do you respond to these statements?

Hoekstra: I'm not entirely sure where these statements are coming from, to be honest. Reviewers don't seem to be taking into account that Elite Force is not only a single player game, but a fully functional, rather sizeable multiplayer game as well. Every day I see another press release about an upcoming game that is multiplayer only or is dropping multiplayer in order to be single player only. And yet here is Elite Force, a 40

level single player game with multiple main characters, multiple story arcs, online capabilities for head to head play, several bot based "single player" games and a host of other multiplayer options and people are calling it short. I guess reviewers are dissecting it into two games rather than calling the whole package, single player and multiplayer, one big game.

From our perspective, similar comments that have been sent to us at Raven via e-mail have said, "The game was so cool, I didn't want it to end." I couldn't agree more. If you're enjoying a good game, you don't want it to end, and I think that's a big part of the argument as wellVerder wordt er nog gevraagd of er nog een Gold Edition of expansion pack komt en wanneer de SoF Gold patch klaar is.