Aimbots, het middel voor alle trieste lamers die het niet waard zijn om achter een pc te zitten. Cheaten vergalt het plezier wat mensen hebben als ze multiplayeren. Welk ziek, triest, met minderwaardigheids complex gevuld vleesvat zou zo'n ding maken. Stomped had een interview met zo'n niemand.

o het had ook nog een naam, de coder heet nopcode...

DarkNova: Cool. Now, you were recently interviewed on Barrysworld about your work on the aimbot, and that interview stirred up quite a bit of controversy. It seems the majority of the crowd is against your actions, and thinks you should die a slow, horrible death, possibly be feeding you acid-filled twinkies. What are your thoughts on that?

nopcode: I realize there are a lot of people that don't like me, but you have to look at it from my perspective. As I've said before, I don't like Quake3 because it's no longer an “underground” game. I liked it better when everything was dark and sinister, and not

everyone knew about it. With Quake3 it's all just commercial. So, in an act of generosity, I'm lending a helping hand and destroying Q3A, that way everyone will go back to Q2 and I'll be praised as a god. It makes perfect sense when you think about it that way.

DarkNova: Um, okay. What about the people that like Q3A better?

nopcode: There's no reason to like that game better! I mean, the jump pads are gay. The weapons are gay. The physics are gay. The levels are gay. The colors are gay. The fact that it requires a 3D accelerator is gay. The tin box it came in is gay. I bet the guy that runs the FTP site I warezed it from is gay too. Anyone who would rather play Quake3 than Quake2 is a stupid fool who doesn't know a fun computer game from his left butt cheek. Daar zakt toch je broek van af. Ik vraag me af of zelfs professionele hulp hier nog iets van kan maken...