Misschien dan eindelijk een Star Trek titel die WEL een hit wordt ?

Stomped las het geupdate .plan van Raven Software en kwam met het volgende lijstje wat de game "onsterfbaar" zal maken Raven Software's James Monroe updated his .plan to answer the question "What you have added to Quake 3

Arena to make an immersive single player experience?" Here's the somewhat lengthy list:

- MP3 playback

- Lip Synching tech

- Map Transitions (moving player stats across levels, showing levelshot during transit)

- Ambient Sound System

- Entity Sound Sets

- Renderer Enhancements (correct specular and alpha on models and viewmodel, correct dynamic light in darkness)

Shader fixes for detailtexture collapse Shader Enhancements (random rgb)

- Carcass Skeletal Model system

- Ladders

- Low Shaders to support old video cards without full blend mode support

- Client Effects system

- NPC system (external data files, game generated senses, world knowledge)

- Navigation system

- Load + Save functions (handles entities, system data, server starts)

- Icarus scripting

- Animation system (movement or AI determines anim sequence)

- Animation triggered sound events

- Model enhancement (3 part model choice)

- Bolt-Ons

- Camera System

- Animating and/or Breakable models (level-designer placed w/o programmer intervention)

- Improved Animating Weapons

- Alternate Fire Mode

Sounds good to me. I for one can't wait to play it.Sounds good to me too

Stomped .Plan van Marilyn eh James Monroe