Op Womengamers staat een humoristisch stukje over vrouwen en counterstrike genaamd "49 days to Addiction". Hopen dat ze beter spelen dan auto rijden The first person shooter (or fps) is the bane of my existence. When Wolfenstein 3D was the coolest new game out there, I was the un-coolest kid I knew because I loathed it. The next big thing was Doom, and the only way I would play it was with 'God mode' on and full weapons and ammo. I avoided fps games for years before I tried Quake 3 Arena. I'm sure I would have enjoyed my experience with Q3 much more if I hadn't freaked out, thrown the mouse across the desk to the floor where it came to rest on my cat's sleeping body, and viciously hit alt-F4 until the computer was completely shut down. (I admit, I really should have been nicer to the computer - it wasn't at fault, after all - and the cat didn't even wake up.) I just couldn't deal with the pressure. The game made me dizzy and my hand-eye co-ordination was less than impressive when I played in the first person perspective. Maybe, just maybe, I overreacted a touch, but I went for a walk on the beach to calm down, and decided to leave the world of first person shooters to my boyfriend Jay. I think that would have been the end of my exploration into first person shooters, considering how traumatized I was by the Quake incident. That is, until I discovered Counterstrike, an online counter-terrorism modification for Half-life. This is how it happened... Je kan het allemaal hier nalezen.