Na het ineenstorten van het GameFan-netwerk was ook een van 's werelds bekendste gamesites VoodooExtreme van het net verdwenen. Nu, na een maand van stilte zijn ze weer terug in de stijl zoals we dat van ze gewend waren. (phuw )

Het engelstalige nieuws is dus nu ook weer op te bekijken.HEY Joel, get off of the babysitter! Whoops, sorry, flashbacks. Yes, we're really back, but we're not "really" back today (well, Tuesday), but since our page won't default to just one day of news, we're going to post a few things to round out the page. My blah on Friday will dial you in on where we've been, how much bail was, all of that kind of crap. Nope, the site hasn't changed -- much debate internally, but we finally decided to leave her alone, and slowly modify the page, otherwise, you'd probably think that everything is different -- everything is basically the same, we just had to jump through a few biz / legal / tech hoops to get back online, and my guesstimating of "a couple more days" never seemed to actually come close...but finally, here we are. Friday is the "real" kick off day, so don't even pay attention to this :) We're going to play a tiny bit of catch up, but only for today, starting friday, it's the real thing, baby. So be careful when your zipping it up, as, if you pinch Jimmy, it'll hurt (basically I'm saying that you've had enough time for the one-handed web-browsing, time to do something that's almost as productive, that being checking out our lame ass site.De nieuwe host is trouwens niet bekend.