Heist zal door Interplay uitgegeven worden. De bedoeling in dit spel is om zoveel mogelijk te stelen en verder te 'criminelen' () zonder door de politie opgepakt te worden. Het gaat (uiteraard) allemaal in een stad afspelen. Ik kan niet wachten voor meer infoOne of the more pervasive themes in gaming today is strategy over heedless violence. Case in point, the Adrenaline Vault has learned that Interplay has been tagged as the North American publisher of a game called Heist, which features robberies of various financial institutions and places an emphasis on the art of stealing without attracting the police. Developed at United Kingdom-based design studio Crimson for Titus Interactive, it challenges gamers to guide a team of big-time pilferers in a series of jobs that finds them landing on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Although the publisher did not have additional details on hand, the action is set in a three-quarters isometric real-time metropolis and will feature advanced law enforcement AI that adapts to the bandit's cunning tactics.