Zoals bekend zal Virtua Fighter 4 niet voor de Dreamcast, maar voor de PlayStation2 uitgebracht worden. Dit gebeurt na de release in de arcades. PS2.IGN.com heeft nu een nieuw artikeltje online gezet met daarin wat nieuwe details over de gameplay.

Het gaat over een nieuw karakter, de knoppencombinaties om bepaalde handelingen te verrichten en nog wat nieuwe bewegingen.According to IGN affiliate Magic Box, the recent brief location test of Virtua Fighter 4 in Japan has revealed a few new notable gameplay details about AM2's new next-generation fighter (which is of course due to hit PS2 after its run in the arcades on the Naomi 2 platform).

The new Shaolin monk character spotlighted in earlier news updates has a name now; Lee Fei is one of 12 initially playable characters. The 8-way joystick is standard, but it performs certain movements much differently. Jumping is now performed by simultaneously pressing punch and kick (which should significantly alter many moves and throws, since that button combination is taken by the jump). With the Avoid button gone, sidesteps and similar evasions are performed by double-tapping up or down. A quick-recovery move, seemingly a little like the danger zone recovery in the original Dead or Alive, can be performed by pressing punch, kick, and guard all at once -- this lets you quickly hop up after being knocked to the ground.Smurf naar IGN voor het hele verhaal.