Supermel bracht ons via de submit op de hoogte van een uit eigen ervaring komend nieuwtje wat als onderwerp de first person shooter van Bohemia Interactive Operation Flashpoint heeft.

Volgens twee Nederlandse OF-testers is het namelijk zo dat de geplande Vietnam mod voor de game (zie eerder bericht) waarschijnlijk een geheel nieuw spel zal worden, genaamd Operation Vietnam.A Shau Valley its 22 miles long, less than six miles from Laos, and is between two mountain ranges. The A Shaw Valley was one of two strong Holds for the communists. The other strong hold was the U Minh Forest. Both of these strong holds were considered by Charlie to be his personal territory.

In April 1968 there were three abandoned airfields that were spread along the valleys floor and a deserted Special Forces Camp that was overrun in March 1966. It marked the southern boundary. It was the strongest enemy base in South Vietnam. The enemy garrisoned 5000 to 6000 troops there. It was ringed by one of the most sophisticated complex of interlocked anti-aircraft Batteries. The valley had served as a launching point for the Tet Offensive on the northern provinces. It was a major base for the infiltration of personnel and supplies into Thua Thien Province and northern I Corps. Of dit echt waar is zal natuurlijk pas duidelijk worden na een officiƫle aankondiging, tot dat moment kunnen we lekker blijven rond speculeren over de mogelijke game, zo niet de moderation.

Thanks Supermel voor het bericht!