Op het forum van Quake3world was er een discussie gaande omtrent de support van iD jegens Linux. Het blijkt dat de Linux versie niet echt gewild is door de developers en ook niet door de gebruikers.

Todd Hollenshead van ID ging zich mengen in de discussie en zei het volgende:The point is that Linux copies frankly weren't as popular as id or Loki thought. Of course, any company whose lifeblood depends upon Linux, like Loki, is going to say that there are "hidden" sales, but I have seen little evidence that indicates such a scenario is true. Even if it is 100% true, it begs the question about whether a separate SKU is worthwhile or even what people really want.

The CD Key thing is actually a fairly silly argument since Loki doesn't have any idea about what OS is using what version because they aren't running the authorization server and frankly just aren't privvy to that information. If they were, such claims wouldn't be made. I'm not trying to disparage them, but that's just misinformation. (Btw, I have never personally seen Loki make this claim).

And let's face it, sales are the key. If people don't buy it, even when given the opportunity and an incentive (all Linux versions were at the same price and universally available in the collector's Tin Box), retailers won't carry it. If retailers don't carry it, then there's not much point in making a separate SKU.

All said, we will continue to be a leading supporter of the Linux platform because we believe it is a technically sound OS and is the OS of choice for many server ops. But we can only do so much without the support of the Linux community. And part of that must occur at the retail level.

To Linux or not to Linux, that's the question.