Op 26 oktober komt de Playstation 2 uit in Amerika. Volgens eerdere berichten zouden er op de dag van de launch 1.000.000 consoles over de toonbank gaan.

Sony heeft dit nu bijgesteld tot 500.00 en zegt dat dit door tekorten komt door productieproblemen.It's going to be a little harder to get a PlayStation 2 at launch than you thought it was going to be. Sony has announced that it will only ship 500,000 units to retailers when it launches the next-generation console on Oct. 26. That's just half of what had been expected.

To make up for the shortcoming, the company plans to ship an additional 100,000 units per week through Christmas, with hopes of meeting its initial goal of having 1.3 million PS2s available by the holiday season.

Production problems are being blamed for the numbers. Sony says it is one month behind in PS2 production due to component shortages.

Software production isn't where the company wants it to be, either. At E3, Sony said it would launch the PS2 with 50 original titles. Today, it has revised that number to 26 - with the goal of 50 moved to the holidays.

Hopelijk gaat de Europese launch een stuk beter, al kan je daar niet vanuit gaan.

De Playstation 2 was al eerder uitgesteld en werd een ontzettend hoge prijs bekend gemaakt. What's next?