Avault wist te melden dat Firaxis, de maker van Civilization III, een fotosessie houd en de winnaar ziet zijn hoofd ergens in de game verschijnen

Zo krijg je wel klantbinding. Misschien een idee voor CivIV om iedereen met een foto er in te gooien Firaxis Games is hosting a photo contest that will see the grand prizewinner immortalized in the forthcoming Civilization III. That's right. One resourceful person will see their face appear somewhere in the game. For contest details and rules, go to the Firaxis website. Firaxis Website

A letter to our loyal fans:

We've been celebrating here at Firaxis! This year marks the completion of our fourth year in business. In the last four years we've brought you Sid Meier's Gettysburg!, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Alien Crossfire, and Sid Meier's Antietam! We hope you've enjoyed playing these games as much as we have enjoyed creating them! Firaxis now has 30 of the most talented and experienced people in the gaming industry and we're all working hard to deliver two of the most innovative and intensely fun computer games we've ever created - Civilization III and Sid's Dinosaur game. As always, we are grateful to you for your constant enthusiasm, feedback and support. We thank you for sharing in our success and joining us on this wild and crazy ride in the entertainment software industry. We look forward to a long and abundantly fun future. As a special "thank you" to you, our fans, we've put together a little contest, too! We've got some very cool prizes, including the chance to have your face put into Civilization III... so enter away, and remember, have fun! Ik hoop dat de Elephant man meedoet . Firaxis Contest om mee te doen in CivIII