Het verhaal in games is iets wat tegenwoordig steeds meer aandacht krijgt. Vooral FPSen krijgen de laatste tijd betere verhalen, Halflife in het bijzonder had een zeer sterk verhaal (daarom ook de mogelijke verfilming) en Daikatana had ook een zeer sterk verhaal. Mr.Tea bespreekt een aantal verschillende storylines, zoals het Orcs vs. Humans storyline wat Blizzard elke keer maar blijft gebruiken, en het hele afgezaagde 'held land op planeet, moet alle aliens afslachten om te overleven' storyline (waar bijna alle FPSen van de afgelopen paar jaar aan leden).Many games have attempted to break free from the stereotype and I think it has become clear to game companies that their products now need stories that pull the player into their world. Half-Life, by Valve, was noted for having a great storyline. While nothing revolutionary, it was helped along by the overall well-paced flow of the game. Being a scientist and not a space marine was a cool idea, but in general there was nothing too spectacular about it. Soldier of Fortune, now there's a story we can be proud of. You are a missionary. Here is some money. Kill everyone. Be as loud as you want. And oh yeah, there are some nukes floating around. If you see them, be sure to bring 'em back to the base. But don't forget to kill everyone. Terrific plot, but then again, it's a FPS shooter and we've been over this - there is no story. Unless of course you happen to pop in Unreal Tournament and Quake III. They defy the law of the storyless FPS. Think about it, it's pure genius. In UT, it's far ahead in the future, and in order for the government to make money, they open up an all-out deathmatch competition that anyone can enter and compete in. So, it's your duty to win the tournament. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with it. In Quake III, well hell, the story was so good I can't even remember the damn thing. Who or what do we have to blame for this lack of story in the FPS genre? Pong, that's what.

Pong, obviously was the birth of the "escape off of the alien planet" storyline. Think about it. You were on one side of the planet (the right side of the virtual ping-pong table) and the aliens were on the other (the left side of the ping-pong table) firing incredible alien weapons at you (white ball) while you deflected the firepower with your super-charged shields (bounced the white ball back at the computer's paddle) in an attempt to hit their HQ behind them (bounce the white ball past the computer opponent and hit its side of the virtual ping-pong table). This seemingly simple and innocent game concept has spawned an unending amount of games that lack story and just try to be the '1 and 0' version of John Woo.Als beste 'potentiele' storyline werd Halo gekozen, zeker vanwege de achtergrond van Bungie en hun uitstekende spellen (Myst, Marathon). Maar goed, wat denken jullie? Welk spel had het beste storyline? (beetje moeilijk om poll van te maken )