Voor de trotse bezitters van een Sound Blaster Live! kaart en Soldier of Fortune is er goed nieuws. Creative heeft namelijk een EAX patch uitgebracht voor een aantal SoF Death Match levels, die bij het spelen voor een groot aantal geluidseffecten zullen zorgen.The Deathmatch enhancement download will install new Environmental Audio Library (EAL) files for use with the following SOF Deathmatch Levels.

(IMPORTANT! These files are for use with SOF version 1.06 only. Install only if you have version 1.06 or higher.)


Set in an Iraqi Oil Refinery, this level utilizes 6 different Environment Models.Highlights to listen for would include the 2 main courtyards which are the only open areas of the map.


Set in an Iraqi Palace, this level uses 4 different Environment Models. Highlights to listen for would include obstruction caused by the pillars, as well as the large room Environments.


Placing you in Japan, this level utilizes 8 different Environment models ranging from airducts to outside. Highlights to listen for would include ducking behind the partitions in the restaurant during battle, and the highly reflective environment used in the underground garage.


Set in the underground tunnels and sewers of Kosovo, this level uses 5 distinct Environemnt Models. Highlights would include the Environments used in the stone and metal drainage tubes which really give the feeling of being underground.


Set in New York City, this level uses 8 different Environment Models ranging from small trailers to beatup hotels to outside areas. One of the better highlights would be the wharehouse areas which really give a good impression of a large room.


Set in a New York subway, there are 5 different Environment Models used in this level. Highlights would include the transition from the small corridors to a large room, as well as well as the obstruction caused by the many pillars in this level.


A smaller but intense map, this level uses 5 different Environment Models. Highlights include transitions from outside areas to stores and alleys. Also while inside the store outside sides will become occluded.


Another smaller map, there are 3 different Environment Models used. One of the main highlights would be the massive use of obstruction to sounds by objects in the level.


One of the last of the New York levels, 6 different indoor Environment Models were used. This level also highlights obstruction by objects, as well as occlusion between the different rooms.


Placing you in the Raven Offices, this level utilizes 5 different Environment Models. Highlights would be the transition from the main office area to the kitchen and loft, as well as the obstruction caused by the office partitions and walls.


Placing you on a farm, there were 5 different Environment Models used in this level. The best highlights would be the storage hut and huge barns which use some very robust Environments.


A small but intemse map, this level uses 4 different Environment Models, and again really highlights occlusion between rooms and obstruction by objects. Other highlights would include the basement area Environments.

SUDDM3 This level, consisting mainly of areas enclosed by metal walls, uses 6 different Environment Models. A highlight (although it means dying to hear it) would be the over the top Environemnt used when you fall into the orange gas in the lower chamber. Also there are 2 big obstructions used either side of the jump underground. Try leaping across just as someone else is running around. De patch kun je hier downen, en is 1,13 mb groot.

Binnenkort zullen er nog twee patches volgen...