Er zijn "roddels" dat Verant de gesprekken met Star Trek heeft gestaakt over een mogelijke "Star Trek Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game". Verant die ook een Star Wars spel gaat maken heeft hier dus geen zin in . Well Rounded Entertainment is reporting that Activision has ceased talks with Verant about developing its massively multiplayer online Star Trek game. During a teleconference held last month, Activision CEO Robert Kotick revealed that his company was working with the designers of EverQuest to develop an online RPG based on the Star Trek license. According to the article, however, Activision has now ceased talks with Verant for unknown reasons. When contacted about this matter, Activision representatives confirmed that the company had indeed stopped talks with Verant and are currently looking for other developers to work on the Star Trek game. Activision officials wouldn't comment on whether or not Verant's recently announced Star Wars online game had anything to do with the falling out. Activision informed us that the Star Trek game is otherwise still on schedule. We'll report further developments as they happen.