Vandaag is de 'online multiplayer resource en management strategy game gebasseerd op het 16de eeuwse Venetie' zoals GA-source het zo mooi zegt, gelancheerd in Groot-Britannie. Het is te spelen op de 'Cryo networks' en moet ook met langzame verbindingen snel gaan.The game utilises SCOL: the fastest available 3D technology on the Internet driven by 26/56K modems. Released in the U.K. by Cryo Networks on March 31st, Venice will retail at £34.99. Cryo Networks, a new subsidiary of Cryo Interactive was recently launched across Europe to specialise in online entertainment. To play Venice, players will require a PC with a minimum of a Pentium 133 processor, 32MB RAM, Windows 95 or 98, an SVGA video card with 2MB memory, a SoundBlaster compatible sound card, a CD-ROM drive, a mouse and a 28.8 kbs modem with an Internet connection. (...)Venice is a permanent online world that can play host to an unlimited number of virtual Venetians. When historical areas like St. Mark's Square, specially re-created for the game, become too densely populated, the Cryo Networks development team will continue to add more neighbourhoods and cities, giving new changes and depth to the online experience of a real virtual world where just about anything can happen. Instead of playing against the computer, players will have the opportunity to battle their wits against an entire world populated by ambitious power mongers who seek ultimate wealth and power, in the hopes of eventually becoming mayor. Should a player stay away from the game for too long, he or she may find themselves robbed of most of their wealth. A carefully chosen alliance, however, will not only offer protection but will also increase financial power of shared resources.De demo is hier neer te halen.