Er was vandaag ontzettend veel X-Box nieuws te melden. Allereerst, de X-Box zal de X-Box op de Game developers Conference in San Jose (Californie) gaan presenteren. X-Box is de code name en dus niet de uiteindelijke naam. Hij zal gebasseerd zijn op standaard pc architectuur, maar het blijft een video games console. MS is er nog niet uit of het een AMD of Intel proc (in ieder geval een 600 Mhz) neemt (makkelijke keus lijkt mij....). Verder zal het een nVidia NV25 chipset (nog te maken) op de videokaart gaan bevatten en 64 MB Ram, 8 GB HD, DVD speler met movie playback en een 100 megabit Ethernet controller card voor ADSL en dergelijke. Ook zal het een speciale versie van windows krijgen met DirectX. De prijs is express laag gehouden, MS wil de kosten terugverdienen met de games. De homepage van X-Box is ook online gegaan.Chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates will unveil the company's first video gaming system to a crowd of 3,000 at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. For the demonstration, a prototype of the console was fitted into a giant aluminum “X” that will run demos that show off the fast graphics processing. The X-Box, the code name of the project, is designed using standard PC architecture, but Microsoft executives insist its video gaming console is not a PC. Available in fall 2001, the machine will use an x86 microprocessor running at a speed of 600 megahertz, though the company has not yet decided on which processor from the two main PC chip manufacturers to use, Intel or Advanced Micro Devices. The system will also use an Nvidia graphics processor, a third generation chip called the NV25 that is not yet available. Microsoft said its graphics would be more than three times as fast as those on the new Sony PlayStation2. The X-Box also will include 64 megabytes of memory, an eight gigabyte hard drive, DVD, and a 100 megabit Ethernet controller card for fast Internet access when broadband services such as DSL are available at home. The operating system will be a subset of Windows, and include the tools and multimedia libraries used to create PC-based video games. (...)Microsoft has launched the website for its “future generation” console, announced today at the Game Developers Conference. Located here, it contains extensive quotes from developers who are creating games for the system, including Activision, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Acclaim, Bungie, Hasbro Interactive, and Titus. The site also provides an opportunity to join a mailing list that will funnel new information to participants as it becomes available. [break]Hier de specs op een rij:[/break] 600 MHz x86 compatible CPU Custom 3D NVIDIA graphics processor 64 MB of RAM, unified memory architecture Custom 3D audio processor 8GB hard drive DVD drive with movie support Four game controller ports Expansion port Proprietary audio-video connector 100 Mbps Ethernet