Eh ja...ik zal mezelf niet als praktijk voorbeeld gebruiken maar al dat stilzitten doet je figuur geen goed . Althans dat zeggen "ze"

Misschien kan je zo'n band om doen die van die electrische stootjes geeft zodat je lijf denkt dat je aan het trainen bent (van Tell Sell geloof ik). Wat eigenlijk ook zo is want een beetje game vereist een goede training

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In yet another study highlighting the need for children to be more active lest they succumb to the obesity epidemic, researchers report that less active, video-game playing adolescents are more likely to put on excess weight--and keep it on.

`The message goes beyond just the kids in our study,'' said lead author Dr. Jennifer O'Loughlin at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. ``Obesity is an increasing problem among all children across all maps.''

In the study, published in the October 15th issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers

followed more than 2,000 schoolchildren, aged 9 to 12, living in inner-city Montreal for one year. All the

children underwent various testing that included calculating their body mass index--the ratio of a person's body weight to their height. In addition, they filled out questionnaires that assessed their activity levels. After 2 years, the researchers re-examined 633 children from the original group.

The investigators found that body mass index at the start of the study, not participating in sports, playing video games every day, and inactivity were predictors of which children would be obese after 1 and 2 years.Iedereen moet weer gaan joggen en dan bedoel ik geen polsjoggen