Vampire : The Masquerade is pas net uit en nu al is er een patch voor dit spel op komst. Ik denk dat deze patch een enorme verbetering is want momenteel kan je het spel niet echt makkelijk saven en moet je dus saaie stukken over doen als je sterft.. Hello Everyone, just a note on the current status of the patch - The team is working on a feature patch that contains the following fixes/enhancements: - Save Anywhere - Pause Combat (allows pausing of the game in single player to issue commands) - Greatly improved network play, supporting lower bandwith connections - Support for ST modification of generation, humanity, and lowering of attributes - Various AI fixes/tweaks (includes boss difficulty, coterie blood usage and guard alertness) There are a bunch of other issues addressed in the patch, but these are the high points. This patch will take about 2-3 weeks to complete and test. We've decided to roll the mini network patch we were going to put out this week into this larger patch, so we can have one definitive update that solves all the issues. The release of the Nod SDK will be delayed until next week because of the focus we're putting on the patch (tools are basically ready, some documentation still remaining). We'd like to thank everyone for their feedback, we'll keep you posted on our progress!Ik ben met een uitgebreide review van dit _zeer_ interessante spel bezig dus: stay tuned!