Er zijn al zoveel vergelijkingen geweest, zoveel discussies welke beter is. Verspilde moeite ? PCgamereview vindt van niet. Ze beginnen van vooraf aan, dus welke beter is qua graphics, sound etc. The close of the 20th century saw the release of two first-person-shooter heavyweights. If Quake III: Arena or Unreal Tournament were released six months apart, gamers may have wound up buying both. But because they were both released in December 1999, it's perfectly reasonable to buy one or the other. But which? Which one will I enjoy? If you don't know which to buy, we have your answer right here. In this article, we'll take a look at the graphics, sound, AI, and multiplayer support. After all is discussed, you will know which game is right for you. Afterwards, we will present an overall winner based on which game we think the most gamers will prefer. Now, let's get started… UT wins this category in the form of a landslide. Its genius AI destroys Quake 3's braindead bots in every way possible. Meer weten hier is je flame-voer