De volledige press-release kun je hier vinden, het komt erop neer dat UT voor de mac klaar is en begin januari op de schappen ligt.

Stukje uit de press-release: MacSoft announced today that Unreal Tournament for Macintosh has gone gold. The critically acclaimed first-person action game and sequel to its best-selling predecessor, Unreal, will begin shipping worldwide in early January with an estimated retail price of $49.99. Developed by Epic Games, the PC version of Unreal Tournament has been a best seller since its release in late November. Unreal Tournament features exciting new game play modes, incredibly realistic computer simulated opponents ('bots') that will taunt gamers' every move and an innovative tutorial that instructs new players in online multiplay and allows them to hone their skills before going online to play. Designed for players from novice to expert, Unreal Tournament for Mac features training, novice, normal, hardcore and turbo modes of play.