Unrealcenter heeft een UT tweak-guide op hun site geparkeerd, dus als jij ook hongert naar meer freems per seconde ga dan even kijken. The biggest complaint I've seen for players is that there UT stutters, & that UT won't run smoothly. I'm gonna tell you what you'll need to do to get rid of the stuttering, & tweak your game to allow more fps. That's frames per second, to those who do not know. Some of what I will tell you should be done for better play, & some will be up to you if you want to disable the option or not to allow for eye candy/game environment or faster game speed. I suggest you print this page, so you'll have it in front of you when you go to make any changes. I Gargoyle & Unreal Center take no responsibility if you happen to change a setting that renders your game or computer unplayable, but as long as you follow this guide, you should be fine.