Alle CS fans zijn weer in hun nopjes met de release van beta 7. De UT liefhebbers van TacOps, de CSmod voor UT, zullen het moeten doen met beta 1.5. Versie 1.3 wordt overgeslagen want er moest nog zoveel aan verbeterd worden dat ze meteen doorgaan naar 1.5.Well, you're probably wondering why the site hasn't been updated in a week. We've got some awesome news well as some bad news. Tthe past few weeks have

been pretty tough. Much of the team has been away from the 'net for a while (including myself), and because of this came a time crunch. So, to resolve it, we've

decided not to release Tactical Ops 1.3. Instead, there will be a public version of 1.5, coming soon.

Here's the list of what has been updated/changed in the newest IR, 1.32:

. Weapons

- Deagle damage and effective range lowered.

- Parker Hale damage increased.

- Weapons recoil tweaked.

- Hitscan weapons set as default. Set the server-side option 'Enable ballistics' to switch to projectiles with delays and wall penetration (does decrease [network] performance).

- grenade velocity increased.

- Blood can cover the knife blade. Use Altfire to clean it. Firemode key allows to switch between stab and throw mode.

- Shellcase added.

- Different arms skin for Special Forces (black) and Terrorists (green).

. GamePlay

- Tactical Ops now appears in its own category (Tactical Ops) instead of an Unreal Tournament gametype.

- Bloodtrails are now less frequent and affected by the level detail.

- Bots AI slightly tweaked.

- Death messages removed.

- New vote system against cheaters. type 'vote ' in the console where stands for the player's player id shown on the scoreboard. Here are the rules: If someone gets at least 60% of the players votes for him, he'll be kicked from the game. Votes are reset every round. You cannot vote for yourself.

- Default Breifing duration set to 10 seconds.

- New Flashlight (new key to bind in the mod menu). Code by pOs.

- The crosshair will always be green (no target or friendly) and red (enemy).

. Maps

- New TO_Ladder class. See TO_Mapping.txt s_Ladder is now obsolete (but still supported).

- s_ZoneControlPoint now uses Collision cylinder instead of [radius] parameter (obsolete). See TO_Mapping.txt.

- OICW now supported in s_SpecialItemStartPoint actor. (Use it to spawn the OICW for the weapon stealing scenario -Not working)

- C4TargetLocation objective added. (For bomb defusing scenario -Not working).

- TO_BlockingPath - New class by EMH_Mark3. (prevents bots from from going through it). See TO_Mapping.txt.

- TO_DamageMover - New class by EMH_Mark3. (Mover with health instead of damage threshold). See TO_Mapping.txt.

- TO_ExplosionChain - New class by EMH_Mark3. (ExplosionChain that can be triggered several times). See TO_Mapping.txt.

- TO_ProjectileSpawner - New class by EMH_Mark3. See TO_Mapping.txt.

- TO_VentSpot - New class by Hollywood. Pathnode for vent bot support. * experimental *

. Bug fixes:

- grenades now kill everyone.

- Parker Hale (p85) reload fixed.

- Parker Hale (p85) Ammo doesn't show PSG1 anymore. Can be played with UT gametypes.

- HUD icons transparency fixed. (Modulation didn't work on every gfx card/OS). Try the option 'HUD Transparency Fix' in the personnal config (mod menu) if you encounter problems with the Sniper rifle or nightvision.

- Action Window not created when launching a game from the command line. (GameSpy / UnrealEd). Fixed.

- Sudden death overtime bug. Fixed.

- 'Falling spectator' bug fixed. (Death caused by suicide or fall)

- Crouching bug fixed.

- Corpses not removed at end of round. Fixed.

- Weapons could be selected when escaped. Fixed.

- Crosshairs now turned on by default.

- Some Objectives with 'OM_RoundWin' couldn't end the round. Fixed. (thx to Dr.Crowbar).

- Weight system not properly working. Fixed.

. Network bug fixes

- Invincible bug when joining a network game (and killing someone just before the round restarts). Fixed.

- Skin bug from Patch 425 is fixed.

- Buy zones not showing up when joining a game. Fixed.

- Server crashing on Linux when a player dies. (Money pickup falls out of the world). (Need feedback).

- Weapon freezing/Jamming fixed.

. Known bugs

- Glock anim is still weird.

- CargoShip has some problems with s_ZoneControlPoints in the hangar (Special Forces home base).

- Terrorists leading hostages to rescue zones.

As you can tell, a lot has been updated. The skin bug from 425 took a while to be fixed, but Shag was able to fix it. Also we've had some help from coders, such as

Hollywood, POS, and EMH_Mark3.

So here's the overview of key features for 1.5: New maps, specific skins for both Terrorist and Special Ops arms, knife blade bloodies as it is used (and it can be cleaned [just a nice little feature]), throwable knives, as well as tons of bugfixes etc. Also the new voting system will allow users to kick those lamers who ruin games. Stay tuned, 'cause we'll have some screenshots coming as the week progresses.Wow wat een lijst. Maar ze zijn op de goede weg met deze mod